‘Rohingyas success through sports and academic excellence’ – a newspaper and online publication on Amust’s November issue.

For the most recent edition, I was invited to write an article on any topic including news stories, community stories, events, lifestyle advice, education, sports, social media, travel or business. Since being Amust’s regular Brisbane content contributor, I have enjoyed writing about different topics with every edition/issue. After a chance meeting with a bright former student of the Australian International Islamic College in Durack, Brisbane, I learned that him and his community were organising a barbecue that Saturday, called the ‘Rohingya Get Together Barbecue’. After some brief discussions with the exceptional young man as he enlightened me of the achievements of his Rohingya cricket team, I was intrigued and was open to the idea of including his story for my new article. Further talks led me to discover that he and another member of his community are also high achievers academically, along with their sporting successes. I’m delighted to share their amazing story for the November 2018 edition, which happily fits in a number of Amust’s story categories for this month such as community, events, education, and sports. Click here to read on page 21 of the newspaper copy or online. Enjoy!

image3 (8).jpeg


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