‘The 5G network is upon us’ – a newspaper and online publication on Amust’s August issue.

Working in the technology sales field, I keep my finger on the pulse with the latest in network rollouts, devices and gadgets, and software and applications, to name a few. Henceforth, when learning that 5G was reaching the home soil right here in Queensland – it was exciting, timely and  newsworthy. I was able to share insights and information on the topical and anticipated 5G roll out in Australia, starting from Gold Coast in Queensland on the Amust publication. Amust is a not-for-profit community newspaper with an online presence, which boasts a nation and global-wide readership, with contributors from a variety of disciplines and professional backgrounds. Appointed as their regular technology and lifestyle content contributor, this is my first of many articles with Amust in print on their newspaper’s August issue and online on their website. Thank you Amust for the opportunity. Click here to read on the newspaper copy or online. Enjoy!

Newspaper column




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